Creating a shadow puppet production based on Kafka’s novel Metamorphosis; the basic outline of the story begins with Gregor Samsa, a travelling salesman, waking up in his home, where he lives with his parents and sister, to discover he’s transformed into some kind of bug. When discussing this idea I thought about the physical references describing him to have a  deeper meaning, it never for definite confirms that he’s changed into a beetle and so it could be seen as a personification of some sort of disease or illness, I thought about how it could represent perhaps depression or Alzheimer’s stuck in a foreign body, losing the sense of who he once was. In regards to family and other characters in the story they all seem to find Gregors new state a very taboo subject which would be interesting to show their expressions and body language towards him through the silhouettes……………….1.jpg



Using black indian ink I created some quick sketches of scenes 1 and 2. Still representing Blanche as the ring and Stanley now as the glove. The glove works well as his character as it can be a controlling object and personify many actions. I like the thought that it can appear quite masculine compared to the other objects and could wear the ring in scenes to show power and domination as Stanley portrays. Using different angles in scenes is important when showing characters perspectives and the actions that are happening as well as showing domination or weakness for example. Using close ups of certain characters help tell the story and their emotions which engage the reader more. I like the quick style of using the inks as it comes out in quite an expressive manner and think I will continue using this technique in my final 40 images however perhaps experimenting with a different materials.


Based on a Streetcar named Desire I chose to look at the character of Blanche and to personify a ring to represent her. I chose the symbol of a ring as it can come across shiny, expensive and bold when in reality its not always the case perhaps sometimes a fake much alike to the character of Blanche with her over exaggerating and lying traits. As the scenes go on I thought it would be interesting to have a look at how the ring could tarnish and appear dull in relation to the damage Stanley caused in the original script. These are some of my first quick sketches of my own ring looking at angles and how to personify Blanche through a inanimate object.

TYPOGRAPHIC POSTER RESEARCH Shot 2016-10-13 at 23.45.28.png Shot 2016-10-13 at 23.43.37.png

Chiyunga Chiyabi


From Roald Dahl’s famous book and film The Witches I chose to represent it with ‘Something mysterious might happen to you’ which is based around all the magic going ons the Grandmother speaks about in the beginning and goes on to find even more mysterious things happen when the Witches have something to do with it. I chose to keep the broken glass effect going on from my developments but altered the layout slightly and some of the gaps between the hybrid fonts to give a more random feel. Reminds me of a broken mirror that could reveal something behind it. The white text on black background works successfully giving it a bit more of a darker theme which I was aiming for. On reflection perhaps the use of mixed upper and lower case letters been more interesting and given it that further mashed up style. I think it was important to have the word ‘mysterious’ larger in size compared to the others as it draws you in and is the main focus point of both the poster and sentence. Arranging the separate words on different angles keep in line with the broken look and work effectively in context with my six word story.
6 words2.jpg


Some development pieces of my work on photoshop creating a hybrid font. Using Sans and Serif versions of same type face. Using inspiration from but having a more broken glass effect. I think its worked well how it appears to be cracked randomly as if its been smashed. I also experimented with inverting the tones to see if they would create more of a moody tone to match my ‘mysterious’ theme. Highlighting certain words were effective but think theres to much of a contrast against the others so will keep them all the same tone. I still need to work with the composition of the size and placement of the words to get the balance right and not have some words massively over powering the others.screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-23-10-17screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-23-11-32screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-23-12-05screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-23-12-58