p1Inspired by Taro Takizawa’s work of the traditional Japanese building in relief print I experimented with relief etching  and created my design in mind with the curved patterns of takizawa aswell and the mental image i have of the signals being send around the world constantly. The swirled pattern made in networks binding together and then to the next one started to appear like a finger print which was quite intruiging with the thought that something so big and world scale of the signals could be compared right back to everyones different finger pattern.

I etched into the material more with every print to see the different kinds of patterns that would arise and i am a fan of the outcome. i really liked this method of print and think i will use it more in the future of experimenting and developments of my work. The final product has a rather raw and authentic finish which keeps it a lot more interesting than prim and perfect.



Thinking about ideas and researching into original and traditional mappa mundi designs I want to explore the maps of electrical signals and all the wireless pathways across the world that we cant necessarily see. I think this could turn out to be quite interesting as it could be shown in many different ways with pattern and tonal expression.

I unintentionally came across an print artist Taro Takizawa that uses relief ink layered with a simple colour pallet on large scale  vinyl wall installations . The repetitive imagery pattern of the free flowing swirl is what captured my eye and i think this technique could work really effectively in how i want to present and show the map of electrical signal patterns. The mixture of the fine pattern and the bolder ones behind create a nice contrast and more texture to the image aswell as depth and layering. 480914_11077764_pm



After some reconsideration about the colour scheme of it being grey and negative I decided  to experiment with yellows. Yellow is a known happy colour and brings a positive nature without being to over boarding. At first in the project i tried to represent what stress would feel like on paper but as i developed and went though i realised how everyone images stress in a visual way can be very different. Using the unpredictable painting technique i found the patterns of this to be actually quite relaxing and nice to look at. I think this works better in my project than my original idea. It gives the help book a lot more of a positive outlook and just a nice reminder when you take a minute to look at it. I think otherwise it would’ve ended up being a much more negative book and not so uplifting but would’ve just been this is what stress looks and feels like as a statement. I think in the end these have worked out quite successfully as a mini hand book but I am now considering altering these designs in to a more simpler form and having each card a small size on a key ring so it can be more versatile something to just throw in your bag and make them just a quick reminder of the top tips to help yourself and something quite nice and relaxing to look at for a moment.


Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 12.15.37Taking my experimental paint markings I scanned and uploaded to photoshop to further manipulate. I enhanced the colours and contrast and began to play around with layering the multiple patterns on top of each other but found it became quite messy and visually to busy to see any of the markings at all. The more I played around the markings they began to appear to have their own images within them and a lot of them became similar to the help tip I am trying to present which made it quite an abstract but honestly unintentional image. I realised especially with this kind of project colour is so very important. The grey background gives off quite a boring negative feel which was not what i had intended for my help guide. I found it quite dull to look and not uplifting and uninspiring even with the patterns with the design. The grey and the border really takes away from the abstract and boldness of the paint patterns. With some more development I think these could be really successful  but I need to have a rethink and experiment more with a much more positive and uplifting colour pallet.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 12.15.49Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 12.15.58

unsuccessful ……




Inspired by the work of Mark Lovejoy I began experimenting using different paints creating a pattern on one side of the paper and folding it to make a symmetrical marking. His work fondly reminded me of playing with paints throughout childhood and although a simple process I think it works effectively as a basis to develop and manipulate the image from. The unpredictable and random outcomes from this process i think is really interesting and can never know quite how it will turn out. I think the abstract nature of this would be effective as an illustration in my help guide to tie it all together as a running theme throughout however each page showing completely different patterns to each other. I would interpret this as everyone feeling differently about stress not everyone is the same and sometimes stress is unpredictable and can come from any time or situation.

I also continued my scribble experiments with other materials in particular looking at chalk. Layering and smudging with the different colours created a nice effect however didn’t display the stress side that i was hoping for as the texture is quite soft and has more of a relaxing sense to it.


Texas artist Mark Lovejoy creates high contrast images of manipulated textures using mediums of oils, resins, printing inks and waxes. Working with the materials in a deliberate and random way means that never two pieces will be the same. I like the unpredictability of this process and reminds me of experimenting and playing with paint in younger years. These images are vibrant and interesting to look at and somewhat satisfying – the idea of this process would work well in my project as I feel these images are quite stress relieving however the mix of materials and colours could also show the mixed feelings and uncertainty of stress people may be experiencing.