In the project based on the script A Streetcar Named Desire I focused on personifying everyday objects into the characters of the story. I explored channelling each of their personalities into relative objects. For example using the visual of a ring for the woman and becoming more tarnished as the story progresses. The glove as the man to resemble power and control. This way of showing characters other than in a human form taught me  how there can be many ways to illustrate a passage outside of the box and can also give more context and expand your imagination when ideas can sometimes become limited. Although I haven’t really ventured into this type of style before I think it worked effectivly but now know that I can experiment further with all kinds of image from a more abstract angle. I also experimented using different media and found ink drawing with a blunt stick worked well for me, the continous sketch style allows ideas to flow and not everything has to be perfect.

Working in a group for the Metamorphosis brief allowed us to bring together many different styles and ideas. Our development stage progressed very effectively when combining a mixture of ideas and working with a compromise sometimes can be good for the individual leading to trying new media and exploring alternate aspects of illustration they potentially wouldn’t have done on their own. We looked at many different illustrators for inspiration and my favourite being Karen Walker a cut out silhouette artist. Using dashes of colour from sweet wrappers added in a element of texture and a layering style. We considered many different approaches in how to represent  the main character that transforms in to  a sort of beatle form.



Using black indian ink I created some quick sketches of scenes 1 and 2. Still representing Blanche as the ring and Stanley now as the glove. The glove works well as his character as it can be a controlling object and personify many actions. I like the thought that it can appear quite masculine compared to the other objects and could wear the ring in scenes to show power and domination as Stanley portrays. Using different angles in scenes is important when showing characters perspectives and the actions that are happening as well as showing domination or weakness for example. Using close ups of certain characters help tell the story and their emotions which engage the reader more. I like the quick style of using the inks as it comes out in quite an expressive manner and think I will continue using this technique in my final 40 images however perhaps experimenting with a different materials.


Based on a Streetcar named Desire I chose to look at the character of Blanche and to personify a ring to represent her. I chose the symbol of a ring as it can come across shiny, expensive and bold when in reality its not always the case perhaps sometimes a fake much alike to the character of Blanche with her over exaggerating and lying traits. As the scenes go on I thought it would be interesting to have a look at how the ring could tarnish and appear dull in relation to the damage Stanley caused in the original script. These are some of my first quick sketches of my own ring looking at angles and how to personify Blanche through a inanimate object.