One of his most powerful political statements through his art based upon the Spanish Civil War. This painting was composed as a immediate response to the German Nazis bombing the town of Guernica, Spain in 1937 where they had carried out a practise bombing and caused masses of death and devastation. It shows the destruction of mainly innocent civilians and the tragedy and suffering war can cause. Picasso’s work gained massive recognition for the symbolism of anti war and embodiment of peace. He used a limited colour palette of only black white and blue oil paint on a massive scale of 11ft x 25.6ft. Although the peace symbolism of the painting has been contradicted for example the image of the raging bull on the left side of the piece has often thought to portray Picasso’s self ego rather than a symbol of the Spanish culture. Picasso used the symbol of the bull and horse in much of his work so it is difficult to depict the true meaning behind these elements. The image itself is composed in a triangular form where the audiences attention is attracted in a jagged line across the image.







In a group we composed a piece in relevance to Animal cruelty taking inspiration from Picasso’s piece Guernica. We chose to do a collage style using different textures of magazines newspapers and card. We looked at different relevant animals particularly associated with animal testing and incorporated some of Picasso’s main elements from the original. We used paper cuts of barbed wire to create the triangular composition whilst running an abstract style throughout.

I found working in a group offered many different ideas and styles that encouraged others to step out of their comfort zone and brought together a desired college final piece.


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