img_2426We first led out all the separate pieces of the set to see how it would fit together before finally putting it on the screen and it being ready to take over into the AV studio. We also added sticks on to all of our puppets so we could hold and manipulate them during the performance.

After putting all the outer scenes, frame, title and layered buildings we added in the middle set of the Samsa’s flat, originally  we were going to take it up and down during the performance to signify different room but found though practise that it wasn’t practical and took to long when changing scenes so decided on keeping the same set up through but showing both rooms and adding the stairs and door as part of the rooms instead of individual scenes of their own. We made a shortened script with directions and timings on for us all to follow throughout the performance which made things a lot easier.img_2417img_2440img_2442After deciding on which roles everyone would take on with the puppets we did a couple of practise runs to make sure everything worked well with the audio and lights to ensure it looked as effective as possible.img_2498


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