Walker illustrates and explores the ideas of and around race, gender, sexuality, violence and identity – which parts can be relatable to the subject of metamorphosis in expressing the identity of Gregor Samsa. This is one of my favourite illustrations of Walkers in her Southern Discomfort series. The use of the large black paper cut outs to create the silhouettes are in a style that I particularly like and could use similarly in my own work. I think perhaps I would like to add extra details and colour to come through in refined areas. I think the addition of a few limited colours in the shadows could add a stronger sense of mood and emotions whether it be in relation to the characters and/or scenery/background. Although Walkers work is all very in proportion and in relation to the layout I think it would be interesting to look at changing those things, have items and specific characters much larger or smaller than the others to create a comical effect. I think this would work well in relation to show power and weakness. For example when Gregors father throws the apple and it is lodged in his back to have him shrinking smaller and smaller in each scene as he gets weaker and ashamed. Walkers use of limited frame works effectively with it just appearing in some corners and makes you think there is literally something outside the box although the main focus still remains with the centre characters. We could use this kind of framing in our production to show the flat scenes with other rooms on the edge to make it less isolated and give the audience a visual of the background and setting. Using layering would work well here with multiple buildings and landscapes to identify with being in a city scene.

Image result for silhouette artist kara walker


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