From Roald Dahl’s famous book and film The Witches I chose to represent it with ‘Something mysterious might happen to you’ which is based around all the magic going ons the Grandmother speaks about in the beginning and goes on to find even more mysterious things happen when the Witches have something to do with it. I chose to keep the broken glass effect going on from my developments but altered the layout slightly and some of the gaps between the hybrid fonts to give a more random feel. Reminds me of a broken mirror that could reveal something behind it. The white text on black background works successfully giving it a bit more of a darker theme which I was aiming for. On reflection perhaps the use of mixed upper and lower case letters been more interesting and given it that further mashed up style. I think it was important to have the word ‘mysterious’ larger in size compared to the others as it draws you in and is the main focus point of both the poster and sentence. Arranging the separate words on different angles keep in line with the broken look and work effectively in context with my six word story.
6 words2.jpg


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