Given a hexagonal grid to work with and create a type face I began by experimenting with random letters of the alphabet until I found a system I liked and worked successfully. Starting with capital letters seemed logical at first but found that lower case would be easier to replicate and transfer into other letters such as; off the lower case ‘b’, letters ‘d’ ‘p’ ‘q’ can also easily be constructed. img_1856After developing a few ideas I set on a system of using three diagonal shapes as the bowl of the majority of letters all with a 3 x 5 ratio of hexagonal shapes to keep them the same throughout. From left to right Ive constructed letters; ‘o”p”q”a”g”y”r”s”e”b”d”u”v”m”w”n”x”n”l”h”i”k”t”c”f”j”z’.img_1858In my sketched here you can see that some didn’t work as well as the others especially finding it hard to create the ‘s’ in keeping with the x height. I think with development and digitalisation this system could work well. The style of this reminds me of quite a modern techno theme.


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