Summer task of creating an illuminated letter form using my first name initial and interests. Alphonse Mucha’s work and the Art Nouveau movement are one of my favourite themes / designs so thought it would be appropriate to include this in my design focusing on mainly on the female form. This particular image was inspired by Mucha’s Dance piece I really love the composition of this design and thought the hair would work well with the shape of the ‘D’ form. I developed this in adobe photoshop using the basic drawing tool and layering with the other components in the image. For the colour element I created an abstract sample of warm tones in watercolour and scanned them in for a mixed media visual. I also hand drew some continuous line sketches of a city skyline to represent Cardiff and scanned these in as well. I chose a bold sans serif font style as I wanted it to be in contrast with the Mucha inspired image and not to take the full focus of that. In reflection I might’ve played around with the layout and developed further in Illustrator for a more refined finish.uniprojects


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