Letterpress printing is a process of relief printing using a press which can be reproduced over and over again from a direct impression of an raised inked surface, in this case using small led blocks with letter forms moulded from it. Below is an example of the construction of keeping all the letter pieces together held together under pressure. Using wood slides round the edge is important to keep a certain amount of pliabilitiy and movement when printing and then filling the bed to keep the letter blocks in place.

IMG_1827.JPGWhen I put through my own bed and letter forms though the inked press I found that in the movement of the bed the ‘i’ letter block had come slightly back from the rest so didn’t transfer any ink, perhaps I had not secured them enough in my bed but was easily rectifiable. After a few more attempts to get the level and pressure right when pulling through the press the inked letter forms came out effectively. Although the first mistake was not intentional I think it works quite well and that the diacritic dot of the ‘i’ came out so is still legible of what the letter originally was. In close detail you can see the impression of the letter block which makes it quite interesting as mixed technique of relief printing. Enjoyed this as a way of creating type through a hands on printing process that can sometimes be unpredictable rather than always using a digital practise.



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